The world’s largest farm tractor

The world’s largest farm tractor- dubbed “Big Bud” – was recently hauled by two semi trucks to the Heartland Museum in Clarion Iowa.

Owned by the Williams brothers of Big Sandy, Mont., the 16-V 747 Big Bud tractor was built in 1977 and features nearly 1,000 horsepower.

The tractor measures 27 feet long by nearly 21 feet wide, and stands 14 feet tall. The tires were specially made by United Tire Company of Canada and are 8 feet in diameter – with a wheelbase of 16 feet 3 inches, according to

“It’s a very unique tractor,” said George Boyington, Heartland Museum president. “Tractor enthusiasts just like to see big.”

When its’ 1,000-gallon fuel tank is full the tractor tips the scales at over 100,000 pounds.

The tractor was initially used for deep ripping operations, before being purchased by the Williams Brothers and used for cultivation purposes – pulling an 80-foot cultivator.

The tractor can work more than one acre per minute, at speeds up to 8 mph. Big Bud was still being used until recently, however the tractor is now semi-retired because the owners can’t find new tires. While it remains semi-retired, the tractor will sit at the Heartland Museum through December before moving on to other locations for its 2011 tour.

Ron Harmon and Northern Manufacturing Company in Havre, Montana built the tractor. With the exception of its new paint job, chrome stacks, and horsepower, the tractor looks the same as it did in 1977.