Farm Sales Vary with Geography

For many equipment sellers, farm equipment, both new and used, with global positioning systems have been a big seller in recent years, and we’ve featured such equipment here as well. Dealers are also recognizing the fact that sales are often driven by geography, and knowing where prices are highest and lowest can make a significant difference for farmers looking to make a big used farm equipment purchase.

Generally speaking, areas that have a large number of grain farmers are seeing the strongest sales numbers, while dairy farmers don’t seem to be bringing in much new equipment. The strength of the planting season also varied significantly from state to state, leading to large differences in sales numbers by region.
If you’re looking to purchase new or used equipment, keep an eye on the types of farmers in your area. By traveling to a lower volume region, you may be able to eek out a better price for new equipment, such as combines or manure spreaders. Also be sure to gauge the savings of newer technology. In many cases, crop prices and fertilizer costs have gone up, so utilizing GPD technology can help farmers save by avoiding over planting or over fertilizing areas.