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2003 Kut Kwick Super Slope Master. 500 Hours
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Vandalia, IL 62471

2003 Kut Kwick Description

2003 Kut Kwick Super Slopemaster. 3 Cylinder. Yanmar Diesel Engine with 38hp. Hydrostatic Transmission. 2WD. Serial Number 52407. Great Condition. Only 500 hrs on machine. Ready to work. * Steep Slope Mowing: 0° to 40° (84% grade), 72" cut * Road right-of-ways * Parks * Dams * Any terrain with vegetated steep slopes Features: * Cutter Assembly: 1/4” thick steel cutting deck * Cutting Height: 1 1/2” to 6 1/2” height adjustment * Blades: Three, 3/8” thick flat blades * Cut: 72” wide, hydro-static, rear discharge, out-front rotary mower * Slope: Slope mowing 0° to 40° (84% grade), designed and tested. Has a low center of gravity for safety on the slopes. * Engine: 38HP Yanmar diesel engine, water cooled * Cutter Type: Rotary - 19” x 6” puncture proof casters support the cutter deck from the front of the machine * Speed: 8 mph * Tilting Seat: Seat situated at rear extremity of the machine; manually tilted to allow operator to safely and comfortably operate on steep slopes * Steering: Skid steered through twin, closed loop hydraulic drive systems * Hydraulics: Independently powered hydraulic skid steer wheel drives with hydraulic pumps and motors; hydraulically driven cutter deck * Oil Reservoir: 14 gallon hydraulic reservoir with oil/air separator, to prevent foaming, overheating, and water intrusion from condensation * Diesel Fuel Tanks: 17 gallon; dual diesel fuel tanks on the front of the machine away from the operator. The fuel tanks are uniquely designed to eliminate the fuel disruption problem that occurs with steep slope mowing. * Maneuverability: True “zero turn radius” (ZTR), without leaving the slopes * Tires: SSM38-72D: 26" x 12-12", 4 ply rated tires, dual drive wheels, 2 on each side of the rear of the machine (2 sets of two wheels) * ROPS: Four point certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with retractable seat belt * Patented design for high production, low maintenance, long life, safe steep slope mowing!

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