Ohio Farmers Set to Receive Disaster Relief

Facing widespread damage to farm equipment and fields alike this year in the state of Ohio thanks to heavy rains, tornadoes, freezes, and other natural disasters, the U.S. Department of Agriculture was prodded by Governor Ted Strickland to provide relief to those areas that were hit the worst. The proposal asks for relief to farmers [...]

USDA Honors Cooperative Farming Initiatives

Many farm equipment operators will be celebrating Cooperative farming efforts across the country this month as the USDA officially dedicates the month of October to cooperative farming efforts. The measure was signed by Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary, with a proclamation acknowledging the celebration of more than 29,000 cooperative farms currently under operation in the country. [...]

Farm Sales Vary with Geography

For many equipment sellers, farm equipment, both new and used, with global positioning systems have been a big seller in recent years, and we’ve featured such equipment here as well. Dealers are also recognizing the fact that sales are often driven by geography, and knowing where prices are highest and lowest can make a significant [...]

USDA Announces Rural Improvement Grant Program

With many farmers keeping an eye out for additional government assistance for their used farm equipment, many areas will also be receiving funds from a new program announced from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program will provide funding to a number of low-income households throughout the Midwest. Grants will be provided to 163 recipients, [...]

Farm Equipment Sales Continue to Climb

Farm equipment sales posted even more gains in the month of September, according to a recent report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. The sales numbers of two-wheel drive tractors increased 2 percent over the course of the month when compared to the same time last year. Four wheel drive tractors saw an even larger [...]

Federal Reserve States Farmers Observed Good Harvest Conditions

While the harvest season is always important for farmers, the Federal Reserve also takes an interest in the fall harvest season when it’s Beige Book is released. According to the Fed, farm equipment users witnessed good conditions this season. [...]

USDA Set to Open New NASS Office Next Year

Farm equipment owners and agricultural workers alike are soon to benefit from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. It was recently announced that they will attempt to centralize the NASS’ mission by opening a new office in St. Louis. The organization will provide a slew of new information to farmers, including crop forecasts and the [...]

Used Tractors Help to Mulch Leaves

With Autumn now in full swing, many farmers and other property owners are starting to gear up for one of the more tedious task of the season: Raking and bagging the oh so many leaves that have fallen to the ground. Many of those same owners are utilizing their used tractors in this task to [...]

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Worlds fastest backhoe

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World’s Largest Farm Tractor

The world’s largest farm tractor- dubbed “Big Bud” – was recently hauled by two semi trucks to the Heartland Museum in Clarion Iowa. [...]

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Let the buyer beware at the machinery auction

I don’t think the inventors of the Latin phrase ‘caveat emptor’ were talking about construction equipment. But who knows, maybe they were talking about the construction equipment of their day like an ailing ox or a three legged mule. When buying a machine at the auction, a person has to have their guard up. Some [...]

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